Frequently Asked Questions


Are We Really "Locked" In?

You are not actually locked in the room. You can leave the room anytime that nature calls or you feel uncomfortable.

Will My Group Be Placed With Another Group?

No. Once the room is booked it is reserved for your group alone. You will not be paired with strangers so that your escape experience is uniquely yours.

We Only Have 2 People, Can We Play?

Our mini escapes for $15 per person are specifically designed for smaller groups. If you want a bigger challenge, two people can play our 60-minute games but you must pay the room minimum of $100. It is tougher to escape but you can always ask your Gamemaster for assistance.

Will Younger Players Be Afraid?

Most rooms are not scary in any way and are appropriate for younger players. The exception is “What Happened in Raven Woods?” which is played in the dark and includes jump scares.

Due to the challenging nature of the puzzles, we require that children under 13 are accompanied by an adult. Children 5 and under are free.

How Physical Is The Game?

Most Escape LG rooms require no physical demands. No crawling, climbing, or exertion. Just a positive attitude, the spirit of cooperation, and brainpower.

The exception is “Escape the Mineshaft” and “What Happened in Raven Woods?”. These rooms require minimal crawling.

What About Accessibility?

The public areas of Escape LG are fully accessible and there is handicapped parking available across the street on the corner of Mc Gillis Avenue and Canada Street.

Most of our rooms are accessible for wheelchairs, with the exception of “Escape the Mineshaft” and “What Happened in Raven Woods?”

Please contact us in advance so we can work with you to make any additional accommodations before your visit.

What Are Your Success Rates?

Your success depends on you and your group. Your Gamemaster will monitor your progress throughout the game and is available to provide hints and clues if you need and want them.

Do You Have Gift Certificates?

Escape LG has gift certificates available in $25 increments up to $200. They are available at our location or through our booking page.

Where Can I Find Parking?

Paid public parking is available on the side streets west of Canada Street.

There are additional paid parking lots available. The two closest lots are a block and a half south on Canada Street (next to the Adirondack Pancake House) and at the corner of James Street and Ottawa Street, both less than a 2-minute walk from our location.

Please allow for ample time to find parking, particularly on weekends and holidays. Remember to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your reservation time.

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