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60-Minute Escape Rooms

60 Minutes. Unlimited Hints. Pure Fun.

The Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar


It is 1930, and you have received a mysterious postcard from your colleague, Magnus Ferguson, who has been exploring throughout Africa. He has hidden a mystical gem from a powerful warlord.

Can you find the jewel before the warlord and his army come to claim it?

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The Curse Of The Evil Genie


An evil genie has cursed you and your soul is now trapped inside a magic lamp!

Can you break the curse or are you destined to be imprisoned by the genie forever?

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What Happened In Raven Woods?


It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, you hear a scream, and you find that one of your friends has disappeared from your campsite.

Do you dare explore the woods to find him?

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Prohibition: The Lucky Duck Speakeasy


It is 1925 and Prohibition is in full swing. You are a detective leading the crackdown on illegal alcohol sales, and the evidence you need to identify the kingpin of this criminal organization is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy. A bomb has been set to destroy the building and its secrets.

Can you identify the boss and defuse the bomb before the evidence is blown to bits?

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Blackbeard's Brig


The evil pirate Blackbeard has captured you, and you are now being held hostage in the brig of his ship.聽 He has gone ashore to pillage and plunder, leaving you to ponder a terrifying end. You must search the ship and find the way to your freedom before you face Blackbeard’s wrath.

Can you escape before you have to walk the plank?

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As astronauts with the International Space Agency, you must retrieve a probe from the depths of space.聽 The probe has been collecting crucial data for the past century that could change the future of space exploration. It is up to you to go on this dangerous mission to save the data and preserve your coworker’s life’s work.

Can you complete this dangerous mission before your ship becomes permanently damaged by radioactivity?

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In A Hurry? Give These A Try!

15-Minute Mini-Escapes

15 Minutes. No Clues. Pure Adreneline.

Escape The Mineshaft


You鈥檙e trapped in an abandoned mine tunnel with nothing but old rustic lanterns as your source of light to explore.

Find dynamite to blow your way out of the tunnel before the canaries start singing and your oxygen runs out.

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Escape The Dungeon


You have committed crimes against the crown, and the executioner has imprisoned you in the palace dungeon.聽 You are next on his list.

Find the key to escape before the executioner returns and you meet a gruesome end!

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Alien Encounter


You are stranded on a hostile planet when you stumble upon an abandoned spacecraft that would be the key in making a hasty getaway.

Find the power stones necessary to start up the ship before the aliens discover your plan!


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About Us

Are you visiting Lake George and looking for your next adventure?

Escape LG provides visitors to Lake George village and the Adirondacks a popular alternative to existing amusement and entertainment activities. An escape room game is an interactive experience designed to challenge you with codes, clues and ciphers which must be solved to unlock the secrets of the room. Bring together your family, friends, teammates and co-workers for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Join us in our 10,000 square foot facility! Whether you play a 60-minute escape game, or a 15-minute mini-escape, problem-solving skills, logic and patience will all come in handy as well as a spirit of cooperation and sense of fun.

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